Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grid Alternatives

Well we went and joined Grid Alternatives to help and learn about installing solar panels. Grid Alternatives installs solar for qualified low income folks that own their own homes. Most systems are small but one thing the program does is gets those that are interested in solar an avenue to become a certified installer so they can start their own businesses. Our goal is to not only help but to also to get our certifications to start our own business. My wife and I went on our first volunteer site build today in our local neighbor hood. It is a small system but we got our hands on and helped build the system for the house. The last thing is to put the panels on and connect the micro inverters then turn on the system. Being a micro inverter system the install is super easy. Both my wife and I will become team leaders and then we will work towards our certifications for the business. I still work so I can't attend all the builds. Tomorrow we must work and will miss the panel install portion of this particular build. Bummer. But I do have to work. We both do. There are usually two builds per week so we will have plenty of builds to go to. Just wanted to share this with you all.

If your interested in helping and learning contact Grid Alternatives.

It was great working with others with the same interest. I like helping and learning. 


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