Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not much here

I decided to double check my work getting the 914 running and since it had been so long since it ran I wondered how well it would start today after sitting a full day. Well, just as hoped, it fired without even touching the throttle on the first crank of the engine. I need to have a look at the starter to see if its loose. The engine still runs well so I am good to go from here.

Im still pondering the motor/controller setup. Guess it might be DC after all. That way I can use the Synkromotive for FAST DC or AC charging. No need for the Pulsar with the Synkromotive.

Now that the air is getting more like spring around here and we have more light after work I can begin finishing up the Roadster. Its time to get the motor installed and the batteries in and the Synkro setup for fast AC charging.

If I do decide on DC for the 914 I will buy another Synkromotive controller for that one too.

I still need to setup my AC and finish up the connections on the wall. I am going to setup for 60 amps into the pack. That should suffice for my home charger. Might even set up a small 15 amp circuit so I can plug in anywhere and to be able to use any AC outlet.

I need to remind that this is for 110 and not 220. I am setting up a 200 amp 110 circuit box in the garage. The Synkromotive controller has no way to reduce the 220 voltage to 110 so we use 110 and then bump that to 192 volts. If the controller were able to handle like 300 volts then we could do this with 220 wall volts. We need a good inductor for bumping up the voltage and I have a few to use.

However with DC we can pump it up to some real high voltages like 156 volts stationary pack then bump that up to the 192 volts needed for a 60 cell pack. The closer to the nominal voltage without reaching the minimal nominal voltage the better it works. But it always needs to be less so the inductor can boost it up.

CC/CV charge algorithm. You have full control of the end voltage. Works great. Ives from Synkromotive uses his AC charging daily. I hope to do DC for my Roadster.

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