Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aaaaaa Fiat 500 E Mmmmmm

Well its good to see that the Fiat 500 E will be coming out and its good to see that it has a pack the same size as the Leaf. Guess the aerodynamics suck because the range is not much better. But its cute as a button. I don't like the pricing. If they are serious they will need to drop the price like Nissan. I'd bet that they would do quite well if they became serious about this cute car. It has a nice following and I and my wife for one love the looks of this cool little car. Going electric is the next best thing they could do. I love that Electric Orange. If the price is on the same level as the Leaf I will buy another. Might even just ditch the projects too if that happens. Yes, I am one of those that feels that home conversions will go away if the price comes down to a reasonable level. $26000 would do it for me. It would be better if the rebates remained for a while too.

Pete :)

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