Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The 914 has arrived home. My Son went out on my behalf and picked up the car for me today. He was duly impressed with the condition of the car and he gave it a real good look over for me. The car is an original 73 Porsche 914 wearing original Signal Orange paint and its in excellent condition for being original and being a car that saw plenty of miles on the road. I can say I have never seen better for an old car. I love the color. I fell in love with the Signal Orange long ago but never thought I'd have one wearing that color. It is dusty and in need of a bath. Its been garaged all its life so I need to keep the car protected as well. I will get it a cover for when its out side. It will not be converted right away but it will be converted. Interior is just as clean. Perfect? No but very very nice.

I will have more photos of the car tomorrow. I will clean up the dust first then dry it off and then do a photo shoot. For now a simple pic at the time of pick up will have to suffice.

The Porsche also comes with Original Pedrini Alloy Rims with Original Porsche Center Caps like the ones shown below. They are nice rims. They are much nicer than I had thought. The ones pictured are to show the style.

Pete :)

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