Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leaf UpDate

Well my LEAF got another computer update. We shall see how well the update fixes the guess o meter. Or how much the car lets me drive on a charge. This update may open up more of the available energy to use and maybe the Guess-O-Meter will be a bit more accurate and not so off the wall in its reading. Like one day it would say I had 84 miles at the end of the drive and the very next it would say I had 58 and my driving was the same both days and the charge was the same both days. Go figure. Damn thing has wide swings of what distances I can get. That is the only major gripe I have with the car. Other than that it is just wonderful. Quiet and smooth. Got to drive a Nissan Sentra with less than 2000 miles and it was better than the Nissan Versa I drove last time. But its still a gas car. Sucks gas and the engine is has to wind up to get any speed. Damn I think I am forgetting how the gas engine actually performs. Nothing I miss thats for sure. Electric motors are the only way to go.

Just about done with my media blasting cabinet I am putting together. I picked it up from Harbor Freight and it only cost $200 bucks but it has soooooooo many bolts to put on and its not super precise. It is a well packaged kit and has every thing needed. I have only a few more parts to assemble and I can finish my pedal assemble for the 914. I am also ready to buy my AC-75 for the beast.

Going to pick up a motor Dyno for testing motors. Not while in the car but on the bench. Any VW adaptor plate will work and then mount the motor and run the dyno. Test for HP and Torque and RPM.

Should have it within a week. It also tests the controllers for the motors too. Allows you to know that they can provide the power needed.

Pete :)

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