Saturday, November 23, 2013


Finally we have the roofing crew out replacing our current roof with a new covering. Any soft spots are being replaced and new protective layering laid down and a new metal roof being installed. We decided upon a standing seam roof and yes, our solar panels will be going back on the roof. There are special couplers to install so you can install your panels. They have our garage stripped and much of the roofing on our carport. Those two things will be done first before the main house is done. Here are the current in progress pics of our roof.

We chose Hemlock Green for our color. I like it. You can see our antenna all munched up on the ground. Wooo Hoooo. Finally that ugly thing is down. Never did work well. But with Comcast who needs an antenna :)

No rain in the forecast. Main house will be done in two weeks. The Garage and Carport will be done by Tuesday. Wanted to do a time lapse film but can't leave my camera out while I am not home.

Pete :)


  1. It's all in the basics. You may have all the layers and refinements, yet, without the proper material, it wouldn't be enough. Metal is most advisable, as it is built to last and is prone to strength. You also wouldn't have to worry about holes. Wise choice there.

    Joann @ AJC Roofing

  2. I think it's not enough that you replaced the outer covering of your roof. You also should've asked your roofers to check the frames before re-roofing. It's best to make sure that the frames are still at its best before replacing your shingles. Well, I love your choice of metal too, Pete. Hope you're satisfied with your new roof. :)

    Tameka Lauricella @ IntegrityWE

    1. Strange that you say this because you have no clue if the roofers checked the integrity of the framing before starting. The only way to do that is from the inside. There is no chance that they would remove the ply just to check from the outside. Sounds like you try to get folks to do things they don't need. The other thing is this house is not that old. Truly not old enough for any major problems. I am also smart enough to have things checked before a project starts. The object of this roof is a solid foundation and so we don't have to ever change our roof before we exit this world. Standard shingles bite.

      Totally satisfied with our new roof. Now, maybe you should go hit up folks that have not yet installed a new roof. Not sure why you posted here. Sounds like you have a BOT hunting the internet for the word roof and if it happens to be on a forum or place you can respond you then do so in hopes of snagging a job. To anyone else reading this. Do your homework and don't utilize anyone who solicits you via the web for work. Shop local and get recommendations from customers and be sure you have their business license. Always.