Friday, June 27, 2014

Leaf Replacement Battery Pack

Finally Nissan has announced the pricing of the new Replacement battery pack. Yes, the new chemistry for hot weather. Pricing is outstanding for a new warranted battery pack. $5,499 is outstanding. It does however require you to turn in yours as a core that is being priced at 1000 bucks. I think I will propose to Nissan as a recycler for those used packs. This could be a boon for private Solar Backup systems. So for those that really need to replace their packs this is a super deal. This also brings down the price for packs out of wrecked Leafs. Those $3600 or so prices are now too high. I'd pay $2000 for a pack from a wrecked Leaf. For new $5400 plus your core is plenty worth the price. With the cells being the newest chemistry it can't be beat.

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  1. Pretty Cool Pete, did they say what the new chemestry is?