Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Porsche 914

Well, I did it again. I purchased a car, fixed it, drove it then sold it. Yup, sold my nice 914. I figured it was just too nice to be turned into an electric car and I also wanted a vehicle that would be easy to work on. So the 914 went to a new home. I did make a good profit on my work. So it was not all for naught. I now have more funds to continue with some other things I want to do with the Electric Bug. The VW is so simple and easy to work on it is just really hard not to use one for a conversion. Now that I am able to do more work around the house I can begin to do more on the Roadster. I am going to try my hand at welding aluminum to build my battery box. Time to cut some practice pieces and get to work.

Pete :)

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