Thursday, July 10, 2014


Im needing another VW for a build. For two reasons. One because I need a ride I can actually get into and out of easy. The 914 was just not what I want in a daily driver. It was a cool car and it handled great. I hear lots of folks wanting cool sporty sports cars that are tiny and tight. Well, you know, in a daily use application they will not be very good. For occasional fun they are great. No so on a daily basis. The Bug will fit the bill of a daily driver and fill the bill of a cool little car. Easy to work on and parts out the ying yang for you to fix your ride and all the aftermarket stuff you can imagine. So since I sold the 914 I now have enough to find a nice little bug. This time around I am not totally after the pre 67 VW's. I have actually found a nice little 71 Super Beetle and its a color I love. Its old enough to be a classic and yet new enough to not have too much wrong with it since it is a dry California. Being newer than the mid 60's its not a desirable so cheaper. It is a very nice car with the original paint in decent condition. The Bus is still on the burner but it will be a later project still. The Electric Roadster may go back to being an ICE vehicle. It is only a fair weather vehicle and not too useful around here. It is fun as hell to drive but being open its hard to keep clean and I just would not use it as a daily driver. So if I put it back to an ICE I can get some decent money for the car on the market. There are plenty that would buy it today with the stuff I have done and being a cool car with a history I may be able to get about 6K for the car. That would suit me just fine. The Bug I'm looking at is both cool and easy to work on. Looks great and is lowered and has a roof rack ta boot. This would make a great conversion and it will be AC instead of DC. The DC stuff I have is going to be sold. I have two VW DC setups to sell. I may just keep my Synkromotive controller but it may be sold as well for a good Bug Conversion. I just can't get away from the AC stuff available and since I drive an AC it is in my opinion the way to go. DC is however a good choice for a first conversion.

So here are some photos of the Bug in my sights.

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