Friday, July 11, 2014

Or Not

Or not. Finding a suitable vehicle for conversions can be kinda tough when your looking at old cars. One thing I have learned when dealing with folks and VW's is that most who sell them seem to get cases of selective amnesia. It takes quite a bit to dig out the needed information that drives me away from the sale. They are just hoping no one asks. So when one sells with underlying issues the other buyer eventually finds the problems and then tries to resell the car doing the same selective amnesia. Hoping beyond hoping that no one knows or asks so they can at least make their money back without loosing on the deal. They also Way Over price the car so when you talk them down they are fine with lowering the price.

Ive done well over the years from what I have learned. But sometimes I do miss something or learn something as I like to see it. It arms me with the ability to judge the buy much better.

This is what I don't want to find:

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