Friday, July 18, 2014


Well, I sent the Roadster to an EV shop so the battery boxes can be built. I realized that I just don't have the welding skills nor the best tools for the job of building battery boxes. I sent it to Rusher Electric Vehicles for fitment and build. A guy that is working there is going to do a custom roll bar for the car too. Not some bar for looks only like what was there when I got the car but a real roll bar that can actually work. So after the boxes are built I will install the passenger seat and then have the roll bar built as well. No pics yet as I just got the car to the shop today. A box up front and where the rear seat used to be will be built. That will leave room for the electrical components so they can be hidden and protected from the motor compartment.

I will then start working on having the front clip of the Bug replaced and the rear clip replaced as well. After that the body work for painting. I will keep the red color of this Bug. It looks good in red.

Pete :)

Pics will follow.

Oh! I forgot. I found a place that will sell me a good working Leaf Pack with limited warranty for $4k and delivery. They are not new but nearly and all the modules checked and guaranteed to be good and they would replace them for a limited time. Knowing that no one else will warranty used Leaf Modules I guess this is not a bad deal. The price point of the Better Place Packs were $3600 plus shipping and NO warranty. So those were even higher than $4k. I guess the price point is good. The new ones that Nissan will sell are only for those that have Leafs needing a replacement and your old one must be turned in for a core that is worth $1k. Then they charge $5400 plus costs to install so the price point is much higher. Of course you get a warranty. Not sure yet how good that will be but they do have a warranty.

I think $4k will be OK. So a 48kWh pack for $8k. An orion BMS may not be a bad idea for these either. You can set them up for monitoring only and to allow for cutback or cut off and they will talk to the HPEVS controllers via CAN. So a nice pack of 120 volts but 48kWh would be one hell of a long distance cruiser. Gives more full cycles for the battery than the Tesla Cells.

I can only see good here.

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