Saturday, August 2, 2014

Battery Box Update

Well the front battery box is almost done. I can't make the upcoming EVCCON but wished I could. I also picked up 48 Leaf Modules. Those suckers are right and left so you need to know about that before you stack your modules for fitting in a pack. I am in the process of checking them all but so far most are right on the voltage expected. They are used from wrecked vehicles but still quite usable. It was the only way I could afford these type cells. The Roadster will have a total of 60 CALB SE 100ah cells for a total of 192 volt system. The roadster did pretty darn good at 102 volts. Can't wait till I have it back on the road with full voltage.

The side little box that has a hinged top is going to be used for some components. There is not room for any cells in that box. The top of the box is removable and holds the cells in place in case of roll over.

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