Friday, August 8, 2014

More Box

Another Kudos to Rusher Electric Vehicles for the work done on the battery boxes for the Roadster. Lookin good. Once done I will remove the boxes and prime and paint all bare metal then I will use undercoating to cover the interior of the Bug. I will do the whole interior floor and back area to help shed water if it happens to get wet. So we should soon have a 60 cell 196 volt 900amp system for the little light weight roadster. I will look into getting some coco black/red mats for the Bug. Should look good. Match the red exterior. At some point I will have the Roadster painted. It will be red but not sure if it will be Ferrari Red or some other Red but it will be Red.

This box will keep the weight forward of the rear wheels and most of the weight as low as possible. Good for handling and weight balance. We will weigh the vehicle front and rear once done after the batteries are mounted.

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