Thursday, October 16, 2014

Balancing Act

Im trimming up all my cells including the Leaf modules. I have the PowerLab set up for the CALB SE cells and since all have been bulk discharged the touch up is going fast. I should have the all done tomorrow even with a trip to town to photograph the Salmon Run on the Yuba River over at the fish hatchery. I had to reset the JLD meters for discharging the Leaf Modules. My first set up did not stop the module when it was supposed to stop. I set it for 6 volts which is already quite low but because it did not stop it kept going until it auto shut because the module went to zero. It happened within 10 minutes from the start of the discharge and it got hot and bloated. I even smelled a bit of electrolyte. The battery bounced back up but remained bloated. I killed a Leaf Module. I now have it set to shut off at 7 volts and restart at 7.05 volts. I leave it until it can no longer bounce back fast. I want to let it rise up and stop at 7.04. Its working perfect now. Most of my cells are under 7.9 volts.

I have 65 CALB SE cells. 60 will go into the Roadster which is awaiting my Controller and components.

I will be getting another inverter for my charger project. I purchased a kit already but because of surgery I had to put that project on hold. I am dong fine and ready to move forward. I found someone with a kit that they built and got to work. He decided to sell the kit project and I purchased it. It should be here tomorrow. It will be configured for REGEN and connected to a Gas Engine to provide the motive power for the AC motor. Once I have the basics done I will need help in starting and stopping a charge cycle and to be able to do that remotely. With proper control I am sure I can get this to work while pulling it behind a vehicle. I will need to be able to set a voltage to match a voltage of 90% of the main pack voltage so I can charge on the go but never fully charge.

I have my own kit so if I screw up a board I can rebuild and keep moving along. I will be having lots of help and the build project. It is also water cooled.

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