Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tesla News

Just enjoy the news. Im sure Jack will have some wit to say but I don't care much a wit about him these days. 

Well what do you know. He did have his wit to say about this. Well if you buy the car knowing it has autonomous features and you turn those features on then YOU are responsible for the outcomes. If you trust the system then you won't have a worry. I for one like the idea. There is so much that can go wrong and the autonomy of the vehicle is mostly to help you keep from slamming into another vehicle or obstacle and that you CAN take control even though the car is telling you your in danger. Danger Will Robinson, Danger. Trust the system. As for being his baby, well, yes it is. Even though someone else had the ideas he actually put it to use. An unrealized application from BMW and others. They sat on the ideas while others are implementing them in a safe manner. Well, we hope safe. I am not much on Jacks drivel any longer. His army is not so large after all. Nothing like he predicted. So much for his self made platform. So much for BoardWatch. 

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