Tuesday, December 9, 2014


An intersting item was mentioned in a recent rendition of electric vehicle talking heads. An electric air conditioning unit. Motor, pump and inverter all in one neat small package. However I am always leery of the sale prices quoted from this group of ev builders. So I decided to go find that item. Since it is from China it's going to be found on Alibaba. From Alibaba the quoted prices are from $300 to $500 for the very same item mentioned. That sounds fair if the product is good. So I decided then to send an inquiry for prices for multiple units. I asked what it would cost if I purchased 5 units. At 5 units the individual price would be $350 bucks. Even less if I were to get more. So if the going price of $799 bucks that would be over 100% profit. The average company in the US is making about 8% profit. Give or take some. I find it interesting that he talks about car dealers going the way of the dinosaur and yet he continues to be a middle man dealer on items we can get directly from the source or at least like Alibaba or Amazon or direct from the manufacturer. At those prices I can save whopping crap load of ducats. I could buy from him and waste my money or I can buy from Alibaba and save myself $449 bucks. Or I can spend less and get two. You know, $449 bucks is not chump change.

What is also interesting is that this guy keeps coming to the DIY yet continues to bash the DIY. Really!

Good luck.

Profit is one thing, gouging is entirely another.
Lucky for us we can go to the source directly.

Also be a bit leery because many times when he mentions something others run out and get the item before its been tested to see if it will work like you want and to see if it may last. If the item proves to be a good alternative then buy direct from Alibaba. Buy through one middle company vs going through a few and paying out your ass.


Pete :)

AC PDF - http://greenev.zapto.org/PDF/DCAC.pdf

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