Thursday, November 27, 2014

Recording Video

I found a great way to record high resolution video with my Sony A7R. It utilizes the HDMI output of the video channel and Audio channel. I purchased a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 last year for the express purpose of recording long clips but in either 10bit Uncompressed or Apple ProRes 422HD. They both create super large files but if you need to have that extra for your post video production it will come in handy to record in such high def. I tested this evening with another device that I also purchased last year for the express purpose of recording video for live feeding to the internet. It is a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder. It is designed for one device input to the computer via thunderbolt cable. The recording program is Media Express by Black Magic. It allows for log and capture and playback and if I had an old tape deck I can record from that to the Media Express as well for saving video on the tapes. The thunderbolt cable provides the power power for the mini recorder. It utilizes a long HDMI and a fairly long thunderbolt cable. Both together provide a great bit of length for the device. The mini gets a bit warm with use and uses enough power that you might want your computer plugged in so not to drain the battery. The mini allows you to turn on your camera and then plug your HDMI in and then set your camera and then use the Media Express to record. The HDMI is what the camera puts out but without using the record button on the camera. Any camera that utilizes a clean HDMI video/audio output will be able to utilize this program and device. If you have a Canon Camera you will need Magic Lantern to use this. It has a setting that turns off any screen information so that won't get recorded. My Sony puts out clean HDMI/Audio. Being that the device picks up what the sensor sees it is easy to get 444 recording or 10bit Raw or ApplePro Res 422HD. ProRes is native for Final Cut Pro X. Easy breezy. The in camera settings won't do 444 or 422 or much RAW or what is called 10bit Uncompressed Quicktime.

The one problem is that utilize this requires your computer to be part of the recording equipment. Using the other Hyperdeck I could utilize a small monitor with the deck to take out of the office situation. Still not best for run and gun. I am liking the new Atmos 422 recorder. It utilizes a SSD drive. Like the Hyperdeck I have a large 500gig SSD. Holds lots of footage. But with the mini and the computer I can record all my footage on my computer or onto an attached hard drive.

Next is to do a video on how to use these items to make a video. One good thing about using such high resolution is that you can do green screen much better. It gives a sharper edge around the green and makes for a clean transition.

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