Friday, November 7, 2014

Update to Inverter Project / Oscilloscope

Did some testing on the Oscilloscope and it works but needs a bit of calibration. One of my probes is bunk and the other 1x probe does not seem to work properly. Pretty noisy. But I did the basic tests and it works. Stoked. Lots to learn.

More updates to the inverter. I was told my cap connection was not going to work. So I took a couple of short extensions to attach to the ends of the main buss bars. The main bars are narrow and the cap terminals are pretty wide. So putting on the copper end pieces I was able to spread the ends out just enough to mount the caps upside down and right on the ends of the main bars. Should be good this time, I hope. If it looks good then I will do a little low voltage test. I think I know how to figure out what wires are for the encoder.

Here are the next rounds of iPhone evening crappy light photos.

Pete :)

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