Thursday, November 6, 2014

3 Phase AC Induction Motor Inverter Project

I am continuing with my AC motor controller project. Johannes Huebner has a great project open source kit but its not documented very well. There are 3 known to actually work. One I purchased as an incomplete project that works, Another that is turning a motor on a test bench and one actually motivating a VW in Germany. I also have a kit that is still needing soldered together. With the one that is already working I will be able to easier build this thing. I have a working model to look at if needed.

The Oscilloscope I purchased worked then promptly died. I have a friend that is helping me diagnose the problem and we do know that the low power board has a short in one of the caps. I will try to fix it but in the mean time I still need a scope. I found a much better one and its still the same brand but newer but still an analog scope. Plenty of documentation. Im getting plenty of help with it as well since I am not an EE of any sort.

Below is the inverter. I swapped out the caps with mine and removed the cap buss bar and replaced it with what I hope is better. I may still need to move the connections on the main buss bar but it may be fine as is. 

Don't know which of the 4 encoder pins are used on the inverter. 

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