Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inverter Update

I worked with Daniel and we needed to trouble shoot getting this thing to communicate with my computer. I had been trying for a few days to find the right setup and drivers for this board so we can talk to the computer. To no avail there was just no communication. The lights were on but no talkie. Tonight myself and Daniel did a trouble shoot session that lasted about 2 hours total. We tried and tried and at one point he had mentioned that a USB could be bad and he sent a link to a USB base port which he connects these types of boards so they don't short on anything and are stable. This device is only to communicate and change functions.

It is a CP210x and looks like this.

So when he mentioned that they can be shorted I suggested that I unzip tie this piece because he had zipped it to the aluminum plate for shipping. I left it that way because it looked solid and stable. It did not look like it would be any issues leaving it alone. So I left it alone. Well what do you know. I looked at it after he suggested shorting issues and said it looks mighty close. Should I unzip it? Yup. Ok, and right after I unzipped it from the plate I was able to communicate with the device. Woo Hoo. It lives. I then opened the port associated with this device and it gave me a com11 setting. So I changed the setting in PuTTY to com11 and PuTTY came to life. I checked the version and it returned the version of the software. Woo Hoo. Tomorrow after my doctor appointment I take the motor ON LINE. I will have my video with me for that. I will also try to have my O Scope connected to see the results. 

Then I will need to find the encoder wires for the motor so I can then start the motor in torque mode and use the throttle pot to control the motor. 

So now with the device unzipped I will try to find a good place to attach it. Maybe I will find some clear thick shrink wrap and shrink it up. Maybe not because Im leery of putting heat on the device. 

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