Sunday, April 26, 2015

SMA Inverter

Well, well, well! Our SMA Grid Tie Inverter crapped out again. Our 4th since we installed the solar panel system in 2005. All were from SMA and all were the 6000U models. The current one lasted a whopping 9 months. It was used but just crapped out. This one is giving a frequency error but it has not resolved in a week and as far as I can tell the power is just fine here. Usually the frequency issues resolve and the system comes back on its own. No go with this one. I was reluctant to go with SMA again and at this point I will no longer recommend them. I can't with this track record. So, I went hunting and decided on a new Aurora 6KW transformerless inverter. More or less a solid state inverter. It has a much better warranty than SMA and it is known to be a good brand. Very well known. It will be here in a few days. I hate being with out an inverter. I hate giving our utility our money.

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