Monday, March 21, 2016

Bench Testing Batteries

Today I picked up from work a set of batteries from our Portable Xray machine. It had its batteries replaced and the boss let me take the old ones home. They are sealed lead acid but small format cells stacked to give 96 volts per block or a total of 192 volts in series. They are made with pure lead and of medical quality. They are not large yet they will give me the ability to do bench testing for charging and for driving my AC motor on the bench with a load and a good amount of power. The only down side is that they are of low AH rating. Meant to be charged and discharged multiple times daily. But for the bench they will be perfect. Power and light weight. I can do some charge testing with my Synkromotive and set up the AC wall charging setup and see how well they will charge up using a demo board on the bench and be able to do a talk and video of the setup and process. I can also use the AC forklift motor/inverter setup to test under high power and under load on the bench and I can also test the charging ability of the AC motor.

I have the batteries on the charger right now since I have a lead acid charger that will do 96 volts. One pack was 101 volts and the other was at 98 volts. They won't give me full AH rating but they will do for what I need. AH rating is 2.5Ah. Not much, but enough for my testing needs.

Pete :)

Sold 3 Synkromotive Controllers and I will have two left to sell. Then all the current stock will be in the hands of the people who like them. Im working to see if there is a possibility to revive Synkromotive and keep the controller from going away completely. Its a great little powerhouse controller and will be sorely missed if it goes away. It is a unique controller in that its not a overly bloated version of a golf cart controller. Its not large, nor heavy and is just a dream to use.

Anyway, back to the batteries. These will be a boon for me but they would not be good to buy a bunch of them to use for your vehicle. They are lead. Heavy if you need lots of AH's for your beastie. New they are $849 bucks discounted. Ouch. For me, Free. No leaking.

Product ID:MED0012
Milliamp Hours:2.5Ah
Chemistry:Pure Sealed Lead Acid
Weight (lbs):45
Width (in):4.5000
Length (in):14.00
Height (in):11.20

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