Wednesday, July 20, 2016

E-Roadster Update

I also had more work done to my E-Roadster from my friend evmetro. I had him put in seat belt mounts for 3 point belts and a custom roll bar and to lower my seat rails. The roll bar that was in the vehicle was only for looks and not function. It would not have saved your head in any sort of roll over. The one in the beastie now will. It looks different than I  had expected but it is now safe and will protect the head as the head is below the top of the roll bar. The bar is mounted on some solid bases and mounted in a 3 point format. So now I will put in the controller and electronics and get it all working properly and when that is done I will remove all the components and take it down to a bare body with the body off the pan and restore the body to its former glory and repair any rust and crinkled metal with new metal and then repaint it Ferrari Red like the original. I will also restore the pan unless of course someone decides they want to buy the resurrected beastie. It is for sale for the right price. Always has been.

Might do the Ghia but more than likely I will also sell that at the next Bug-O-Rama this Sept in Sacramento.

The Roadster will be taken there to show its progress. Ghia will be driven there so it can be sold.

The Roll bar makes the car look funny compared to without one. I may build one for show and keep this one for race. But its those seats I have in the car. The head rest is not truly a head rest. Its more like a shoulder rest. So with that little dinky thing against that roll bar it looks rather odd. However  I can assure you that my head is not far below the roll bars so looks fine when sitting in the vehicle.

Poor beastie is so dirty and dusty.

I also need to work on the brakes up front and I may have a leak in the rear drivers side brake. Time to dig in.


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