Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I had sent my AC-35 down to HPEVS and they put on the proper face plate for mounting to an adapter and also put in the proper encoder needed for street use vs industrial cart use. They also upgraded my 96 volt 650 amp controller with the newest software. I now have loads of things that will make tuning better. This setup will be going into my VW Bus and I will be using this with a 120 volt system. 16 Leaf Modules in series and 5 sets in parallel for a 30kWh pack. That should give me a decent distance. A good amount of these modules will fit where the old fuel tank resides totally out of the way. That will be cool.

When they sent my motor/controller back they boxed up the motor and controller separate. The motor is in a decent box and fitted with large poly type foam that will last for ever. The ends support the motor in the box and if that box did fall the motor would be quite safe. Im keeping my box just in case I ever need to ship or transport it for repair or what ever. I suggest you do the same if you happen to purchase one of these fine motors. Im pleased that it is back. Not to get the adapter plate and clutch and pressure plate installed. I am keeping the stock transmission but using a nicely done lightened flywheel. No need for more than stock on this puppy. If however I find I need a better pressure plate I can get one easily.

Now to move forward with my Bus project.

Pete :)

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