Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plate Holders

Well I went and ordered a pair of aluminum license plate holders with custom engraving for both. I needed to get these because most folks when they look at the car think they are looking at a Hybrid and not an All electric vehicle. Too bad. Even with the huge Zero Emission sticker on the sides of the car they just don't get it. So I had a couple plates made up to help.

No More Stinky Gas
100% All Electric Car

This will now be on the license plate which also will say GOT EV.

If they don't get it there is little hope.


  1. Sorry to say, but your good idea is in vain. No matter how clearly you state the motivating power of your EV, about 50% of folks still think that hybrid and 100% electric are the same...

  2. I don't think it's in vain but I guarantee some still won't get it. Folks just look and ponder sooooo hard when they see that sticker on the side its almost comical. Looks like their brain is about to burst. Had to stop and tell one person just yesterday that it is ALL Electric and NO Gas. His brain was straining hard. If one gets it it's not in vain.