Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am still not home from EVCCON but still enjoying my vacation. The convention was a much needed push and much needed publication for building electric cars. The best thing about the whole conference was the alliances made with all the folks that came. I did not get to meet every one by any means but I did get to talk to many. I look forward to next years event and will be bringing a vehicle. I committed to bringing my Electric VW Bus. I should have no trouble having it ready. I enjoyed the speakers and recorded audio for all the sessions. I was interested in the brushes and the brush holders for the motors. I see it is very important for the life of the motors in the environment we put them through. I really enjoyed the cars and I really enjoyed driving Duh and the Spyder. Duh is a real fast car. The Spyder is real nice and I liked the performance. It is an excellent build. Many were built well and for me will be what to strive to build. I hope to stay in contact with all the folks I was able to talk with and I hope to see new and exciting things coming to the field of electric cars.

The races were fun and educational. I never raced before and I never really knew what happened at the tree. All I know is when the light turns green you go like a bat out of hell. Well, it's not quite like that but sort of. Go to soon and you get a red light. Ouch.

If you have video or information on the cars that raced I'd like a copy so I can tie the information to the cars that raced and my video of the cars I captured on film. The more the better.

I am also going to build a 64 Correct Craft 16ft Ski Boat into an electric conversion. I have the motor and adaptor already and I will have a controller that can be used. The boat needs some work but the running gear is ready to go. Mostly just interior work and sanding and painting. Maybe some cool gauges.

I hope to have it pull a skier and be able to get on plain with little effort. It will be lithium powered.

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