Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well I purchased my Transaxle for my Bus project today. Buying it outright with no core. I purchased the Pro Street with a 3.44:1 Ring and Pinion. Three weeks and it will be home. Now I can start putting in the new suspension components. I might not do much video production on that but I will do some. We are going to do the boat too. That will get some good video when we start on that. We are pushing the Bus project and the FAST charging project. A few small components for the fast charging scheme are on the way this week. Talked to Synkromotive this week and got some excellent news from the company. I will be bringing Synkromotive Controllers next Conference and will be bringing along the a Live Demo. The controller is more for your average sized vehicle and is for on the road use and not built for racing. It will however provide excellent street performance and with Fast Charging will be a game changer. More from Synkro coming as well on the AC side. It will be awhile but it is in the works. Got some ideas for Synkro on that front too. For now it is only DC. Fast Charging can be done from Direct DC or AC. No extra charger will need to be purchased. So an excellent controller/charger for the price of a controller! How sweet is that.

Pete :)

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