Friday, October 28, 2011

GE 9" Motor Test

Well I got the pressure plate and flywheel and clutch on the GE today. I also installed a new DE bearing. We did a 12 volt spin test and its ready to install into the Ghia. Decided on the GE for now because it was the fastest motor to get ready for the car. We will put in the Kostov at a later date. I am also going to be testing the Kaylor setup to test the Regen function. Hope that will go well. I may do that test first. It will be done at 72 volts.

Pete :)

YouTube mucked up the volume of the beginning and it is making a funky sound at the beginning of the video. It is not like that on my computer. Might need to change the video but that would mean changing all the links so it will stay.

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