Friday, November 4, 2011

Kaylor Adaptor Bearing Replacement

We did some work to the Kaylor Adaptor after we tested and found it to be growling and squealing. It was the two bearings in the adaptor that needed replaced. One day and $130 bucks later we have a nice adaptor again. The bearings are 6209 Sealed bearings. Expensive little suckers. Should last another 10 years or more. This was built back in the early 80's so it has lasted a good long time. Wish I had a little buggy to put this in. I have another motor which I am going to use for a charging generator. Still need a few things which have yet to show up. Time to bug someone again.

Enjoy the flick.


  1. Steel bearings are usually preferred in industrial usage; let it be chrome or stainless steel, specifically due to their last longing ability. white metal bearings

  2. And steel bearings is what I put in the adaptor. Industrial grade and two of the suckers mind you.