Friday, November 18, 2011

Regen Works

Today I did some testing with the motor and controller in the Ghia. The testing went well but not perfect. First I found that the flywheel was still touching. So I removed the motor once again to fix the issue.

1. Motor was shut down twice with no intervention on my part. I think it was just an out of bounds throttle.
2. Motor would run up to speed normally at under 200 amps then when I let off the throttle and then pushed the throttle to full it would speed the motor past the first rpm band and up into the 400 amp range. This I could and can do consistently. So full throttle then off then back on full will jump the motor to over 400 amps and super fast rpm's. Not sure what the issue it there. If I remain somewhat easy on the throttle all is just fine. Throttle setting is below fast ramp up. It is set at 7. 10 is fastest. It does not matter what throttle setting.
3. Current setting vs Voltage setting. Current setting is best.
4. Field weakening is OFF.
5. Regen is OFF during first part of the testing.
6. Field current setting is best left below 50%. Otherwise it just chokes at higher rpm. I think the more current in the field the slower the armature can go. I left it at 20% and it works great.
7. With field current ON and not running the motor the controller is feeding the field current. I found this because I had the field current left on at 35% and went to go do some things and had left every thing ON. Upon my return the motor was very hot but I had not done anything. Motor was cool before I walked away.
8. With field current turned up to above 35% the motor will spin slowly on its own with no intervention. It is not a throttle issue. Since the controller is feeding current into the field and one field is common with the armature there is enough current to both the armature and field to actually move the motor. With it below 35% there is not enough into the armature via the field to turn the motor.
9. The field power being fed to the motor is my biggest complaint because if I am sitting at a light there is power being fed but I am not doing a thing. It also heats up the motor and wastes electricity.
10. 35% field is fine as far as power goes except it moves the motor.

1. Regen function works.
2. Regen function is set now to 52% regen.
3. Regn works smoothly if I use just a brake switch vs pot.
4. My PB-6 is not functioning well so I could not test the regen using a pot to ramp the regen as needed during braking.
5. Time to try Regen on the road.

1. Movie is loading slowly. I will post that as soon as it is done and will remove this line.

Pete :)

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