Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Motor Placement

Well I am going to jump ahead of the game here this time. My plan is to put in the Kaylor motor tomorrow and do an on the road test of the motor and controller in the next two days. I need to run into Sacramento and pick up a few items for the Ghia and the Buggy. I need a windshield seal, throwout bearing arm. One of the heavy duty ones and I need a stock pressure plate for the Kaylor setup. I need a heavy duty shaft because I will be installing a large motor later so we need the old style shaft. I need a stock pressure plate for the Kaylor because that is all that is needed. I will be selling it as a kit so that pressure plate will be included. I just want to do the test for now. I may if possible pick up a dash pad too. I did notice upon close inspection that the original radio space was cut on the bottom portion of the opening. Bummer. I may just close it off completely then install some gauges there. If I am to have music I will incorporate the iPod/iPhone so I can have my own music. No radio. If I do finally decide a radio it will be a hidden one. I want the dash clean for other items. That is my agenda for my weekend.

I noticed today that the Leaf was a bit sluggish in the cold morning. It was 33 friggin degrees this morning. It's never this cold yet here. Its like winter just dropped in upon us. Our winters are usually quite mild and this time of year down right warm still. Well, reasonably warm but cooling down. Not today. Nearly freezing. The car was registering 36 in the car port. I preheat the car while plugged in and warm the interior so the drive is not so bad. I may have to defrost a bit on the way but its usually just a few short blips on the heating system. The distance is still good but a touch shorter but that is usually from the heating system taking some away while driving and needing to turn it on a few times during the drive in to work. The afternoon drive home is still fine and the temp out side was 50 when I left work. It's 40.3 right now outside on our property. So the distance is pretty much the same but the car is a bit more sluggish but since I don't always hot rod the thing it has not been an issue. It still performs well enough but you won't be squaking the tires in the morning. Capacity is not diminished even in the cold and after 5500 miles driven. I did however get my first scratch and first windshield dink last week. Ouch. No one around here drives for long before the window is dinked. I have never had a window with out a dink or crack after 5 months. One time I got dinked after two weeks of putting in a new window. I give up on those. Too many big trucks to not get dinked.

Pete :)

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