Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small Ghia Update

Today I installed the windshield in the Ghia. I purchased a couple weeks ago a new California Look windshield rubber so I could install the windshield so I can drive the car on the road. It is usually a two man job but possible with one. The inner lip is usually installed by putting in a string inside the lip so when you place the window you can pull on the string to lift out the lip around the window frame. I usually run the string around the inside lip twice just incase the lip does not quite lift around good enough. A second time around usually does the trick. Works like a charm. However on the Ghia rubber there is an outer lip too and it would be a smart idea to string that lip too. It would make the final fitting much faster but I did it by hand. Ouch. But it went just fine. The window is only temporary because the car will be painted and it will mean removing the windows and trim once again. I have the original window chrome trim but will only install it later. I also found a good set of rims for the car too. They were originally used on the Porsche 914 2liter model. They are painted the original factory color of the car they were installed upon. I will be changing that because the color is wrong and because the color is fading and old. They have reasonable rubber on the tires but I found two have old checking on the sidewalls so will not be good for much except driving around the neighbor hood testing the motors.

Pete :)

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