Friday, December 2, 2011

Volt in the News again

GM announced that it will buy back any Volt from the owners of the current 6000 owners. They say that only 16 have come forward to sell back their Volts. We know the battery chemistry is volatile and not the safest around. So the crash test resulted in enough shock to the battery to damage the cells even though the casing did not rupture. They said that there was coolant leaks but that had nothing to do with the fires. So they actually had like three crash tests that all resulted in fire or smoke and sparks. Maybe they should have stuck with A123 for the battery chemistry. But no they insisted to go with LG Chem. I wonder what LG Chem will have to say about all this. This will be an interesting play as the days and weeks result in new information and more and more people turning in the cars for GM to buy back.

Here is the official video I got today.

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