Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am going to start installing the running gear and rear suspension and the front suspension to be sure it all goes together well first. Then we will continue with the body and paint work. This will allow us to make sure all the components are there and complete and how it looks sitting low. I will take out the fuel tank and see what kind of space I have for batteries. I may try to figure out how to mount the cells under the bus where there is loads of space. Or what looks like loads of space. Once this is done we can take it apart again for final finishing. I think this will be the best way to go with the Bus. Much I can do so I plan on doing what I can. The Ghia is still being worked on so that one is slowly moving forward. I was sick for a couple weeks so that stalled a bunch of work.

You can see the center section of a Bus like mine where batteries can be mounted and covered below the floor. I should be able to get good amount below the cargo area pan. Mounted and sealed from the elements and removable if needed. No belly pans sticking out to drag bottom. The last picture shows the fuel tank tray area above and in front of the motor mounting area. Should be able to fit a good amount there too. There are more areas to utilize but these are the best areas of mounting so I can retain my cargo area. I was even thinking of building a raised cargo floor about the same height inside as well so I can mount another batch of batteries but still retain a usable cargo floor. It would work. I want a good 100 plus mile car at freeway speeds (55 mph) for this bus. Not kick ass performance but decent and good distance with a usable cargo area. It will be a vehicle for hauling me as well as parts.

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