Thursday, December 15, 2011

Electric vs Gas

I had to take my Leaf in for it's 7500 mile check up. Glad to report no issues at all. Because it needs to stay at the dealer for awhile to charge back up they gave me a rental for a few hours. They gave me a new Altima to drive. Man, I tell you what. When I got in that sucker I could hear all the noises of the engine and the way the engine moves the car is now much more apparent and not very smooth. I thought my cars before the electric were pretty good but I never had anything else to compare to. Now that I have been driving the Leaf I can guarantee you I will never go back to a piston engine. Now I do still have piston vehicles but they will eventually just go away. I was surprised at how much I could hear. Kinda like using a recorder and then playing it back. Noting it plays everything and that is what it was like. I sooooo much like driving an electric car. It's just soooooo right.

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