Thursday, December 22, 2011

EVSE Has Arrived

Well after a long 6 month wait I finally received my EVSE Charge Station from EV-Charge America. Thank you EV-Charge America for coming through. Now is time to try it out. I won't get to that today because it is late and I will be busy. It is set up with a 4 prong range outlet plug but does not use neutral. Only Ground and both sides of the power.  I need to make an adaptor to fit my 3 prong Range outlet. Then I will hook it up and give it a spin. It looks very nice and just like what is on the web site. Comes with user/install manual sheet. Pretty easy to hook up. Mount the mount on the wall then install the EVSE and plug it in the outlet. I am not sure if I have a long enough charge cord. It is a 20 foot cord. I may need to lengthen the plug to the EVSE. I may need to move the outlet to an area closer to the garage opening. I am hoping to be able to reach the Leaf from the EVSE in the Garage to the parking spot in the car port. We shall see.

Pete :)

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