Monday, December 26, 2011


I went to Home Depot today to gather the required things for connecting the EVSE. I do not have an ideal place to mount it but this one has a longer cord for the J1772 plug. I can move my outlet to the side wall of the garage but distance is limited. I actually need at least 25 feet. It is not possible to mount the box on the wall in the car port unless I reroute the a separate 240 line to the far side of the home. The garage is not connected to the car port. I could just do the long extension cord like I have been doing all along. Works well but leaves a cable exposed to the elements and can get in the way. I'd prefer to mount the box on the wall of the garage and install a long cord for the J1772 plug. That would be ideal. So for now that is what I am doing. The extension I built is huge and well able to handle any amperage I stuff through the cord. That way I am not causing any resistance that could cause the circuit breaker to trip. I made the extension 30 ft long. Works like a charm. Mostly I wanted to test the EVSE. The EVSE uses an RFID reader card to start and stop the charger. When the charge is done it stops charging but I must tell it to stop with the card before I remove the plug. It works. The monitor panel will let me know if the station is ready. It will tell me to plug in after I swipe the card. You actually just wave the card close and it works. It counts the time. I wished it counted AH but it counts time of charge. I will ask if there is a way to see AH in. That would be cool.

Pete :)

I will get some photos of the EVSE tomorrow when I charge the car. It was totally dark out so I could not get any photos.

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