Friday, December 9, 2011

Nissan Nissmo Sport Body Kit

Wow. What a cool body kit. Makes the Leaf a wide body with a low stance sports car with some good sized wheels. Now as long as the tires are still LLR ones that will be great. It removes the KOI face of the Leaf and makes it more a vehicle. The Face of the Leaf is akin to the KOI or Nurse Shark. Anyway the look is just astounding. It still retains the original drive train but its a pretty quick little vehicle in its own right. Not a hot rod but quick enough for me. Since it is Nissan that has come out with this Body Package I am sure it is quite suited for the Leaf and to allow it to keep its effective aerodynamics so it retains its original or better distance. Now for the winter cabin heat. I have an idea to implement and if it works I will present it to Nissan or maybe even have some help to make an after market addition that can be retrofitted to any of the Leafs or anyones electric car. It's  pretty cool idea. For now I will try to get my hands on the Nissmo Body Kit.

Pete :)

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