Saturday, December 31, 2011

A123 20AH Prismatic Pouch Cells

Well it looks like I am becoming a fan of these cells. The operating temps are very good. Much lower temps than what I am doing with my Glacier test of the Hi-Power. If the A123 cells can handle -22 degrees F and as high as 131 then I am pretty much good to go with them as a choice. These would handle my Glacier Test with no problem. If these can I am quite sure the Hi-Power will too. Still going to do the test. Looking to get some pouch cells and build me a system to connect them.

Glacier Proof Cells.

Cell Dimension (mm) 7.25x160x227
Cell Capacity (minimum, AH) 19.6
Energy Content (nominal, Wh) 65
Discharge Power (nominal, W) 1200
Voltage (nominal, V) 3.3
Specific Power (nominal, W/kg) 2400
Specific Energy (nominal, Wh/kg) 131
Energy Density (nominal, Wh/L) 247
Operating Temperature -30 Degree C to 55 Degree C
Storage Temperature -40 Degree C to 60 Degree C

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  1. Not sure if these are the best prices, - but at least they are a source: - I remember searching for some at about $20 - $25 a little while ago.