Friday, December 30, 2011

Arctic Tundra

I have the cell frozen in a block of ice in my freezer and I decided to check in on it this evening. Well it seems that the plastic bucket was not so tolerable of the cold and pressure of the frozen water. The dang thing split right down the side from top to bottom. It split the block of ice around the cell too. No damage to the cell. It is sitting right at zero degrees in the freezer at this time. I decided to see if it still shows voltage. Yup, it sure does. It is resting at a comfortable 3.157 volts at this time. This resting voltage is sorta high like this because of the high end voltage we terminated the discharge. I terminated the last discharge at 2.5 volts under an amp load of 45 amps. Nearly .5  which is the maximum consistent constant current discharge that the cell is rated to do. Peak of 3C. I will pull the cell out as soon as I get home tomorrow and take some video and photos of the block of ice and how the thing split. I was kinda surprised that happened. I guess I need a better bucket. I will finish splitting the block to release the cell from the ice block and try again with another bucket. I hope to find a better one. That bucket was an old cat litter bucket and had been exposed to the sun all summer so I guess that did not help either.. Anyway there is no mess in the freezer. The cell looks fine and still provides voltage as expected even at zero degrees. Im impressed so far.

Got my GTI back from my Daughter and I had my Son go through the vehicle and he found it needs lots of work. Needs new struts and brakes all around and we still need the heater core reinstalled. He wants the GTI and I want his Bug. It may work out. May not. I don't really want to dump too much in this as I need to concentrate on the Ghia and Bus.

More talk on fires again. Seems like Fisker Karma is having some clamp issues where they are saying that it could cause coolant to leak and cause a short and cause fires. 239 are being recalled. Who ever heard of a fire being caused by a coolant leak. I thought the batteries were sealed. Nissan is claiming that of all the Leafs destroyed in the tsunami and all that were crash tested never caught on fire or had any battery issues. Kudos to Nissan. Seems like the others need to get back to the drawing board and start over. Coolant leaks. Really? Come on.

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