Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We have power

I got the kelly connected with the circuit breaker, contactor, switch, and throttle. Initially I kept getting faults but finally got the items connected properly and then applied power. Perfect. Nice smooth throttle up. Controller is set for 20amps to the field and the pack is 72 volts nominal. I do not have the regen set yet but now that I have it all together it will happen faster. I will be putting the battery box in the back seat area for the road tests here for regen. I do however need to remove the motor/adaptor once again. I am getting lots of wobble noise like something is loose in the clutch area. Not sure what is going on but I will have a look. It needs to be real smooth. Besides that noise it is all good to go.

I need to install my windshield. I will only be driving short distances at first then I will venture out further.

The Kelly Controller is working perfect. It's been a year since this last had power running through it. I hope this testing is quick and fully successful. It will be a good thing for all who have these motors. A nice PWM controller with Regen. How cool will that be.

Pete :)

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