Saturday, September 8, 2012

Final Drive

Well the time has come for the 66 Bug to go to its new owner. We took the car for a final drive and video. It provided me an excellent test bed for Fast Charging my pack through my controller. The controller is also a full fledged charger too but designed to use any DC source that has lower voltage than the pack and also any AC source, even from a generator. No extra charger needed. I have not yet done the AC Fast charging but that is being put together now. My first setup will be low amperage charging from any 110 wall outlet but that will be low amperage charging. When we get our rectifier we will be setting up to do high amperage AC charging. Our rectifier will be 200 amps and up to 1600 volts but we will limit the voltage to 110. We will then bump up the voltage to our pack voltage and run it through an inductor and then through the controller into the battery pack. It is a CC/CV charging algorithm and can be set to any voltage limit. At the moment Synkromotive has the ONLY controller setup as a charger. It was designed that way from the beginning. Ives from Synkromotive has been using the function for the past few years on a daily basis. He is using AC charging.

So anyway I thought you'd all like to see the Final Run of the 66 Bug. It is now all going into the Red Roadster and we will begin again on the AC charging.

Enjoy the short flick.

Pete :)

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