Friday, September 28, 2012

More EVCCON 2012

I have gotten word that Netgain has a new goodie that will allow fast charging and if you want it can be  configured to be a 500 amp controller too. Has contractors, and a built in dc dc converter. Allows for fast 220 volt charging. It does require you to BUY YET ANOTHER item but hey, its business RIGHT?

The product is called PulsaR. I will get you photos as soon as possible.

"the PulsaR is a power distribution unit that combines the functionality of several key components of an ev. With up to 300 amp DC fast charging, the pulsar can also draw 100 amps of 240 VAC and has the ability to work with j1772 charging stations built all over the country. The pulsar can also be configured for use as a 500 amp controller and controller and has an onboard DC-DC converter to provide up to 50 amps at 12V. All contactors are built in. The pulsar is sure to make waves in the EV industry with its highly integrated and cost-competitive design." 

But that aside here are more photos. 

Not the best but its whats coming in as EVCCON progresses along. 

John Metric is at EVCCON. 

Here is one of his toys. 

More VW Bug Images

Porsche with AC50

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