Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Our high current high voltage rectifiers came in a 2 weeks early today. I guess that slow boat from China had a bit of extra push to get here early. Nice. Now we can put together our high current AC charging for our Synkromotive controller. The only controller on the market today that is also a charger and not just an ordinary charger but a FAST charger if you set up with a dedicated circuit. You can also charge like most ordinary chargers at lower currents but this sucker can do some impressive input currents to your cells. I have had it up to 125 input amps going back into the cells. That is 1.25C charging for my 100ah Hi-Power Cells. That is pumping hot but the cells handled it well. The motor got hot because I did not have any cooling for my field windings as they were taking the brunt.

This is HOT stuff for the consumer and you don't need to carry around an extra charger that is big, clunky and heavy. You can if you want but you no longer need to do that.

New stuff coming at EVCCON. I am sorry I will miss EVCCON this year.


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  1. Pete,

    You were first in line to sign up for EVVCON 2 after the banquet last year. Sorry you can not make it this year.