Thursday, November 8, 2012

Second Fast Charge

I had unexpected results from my first Fast Charge. I was asked to do it again. I did a fill up charge to 3.5 volts at 20 amps CC/CV and terminated at C/5. That resulted in about 2 1/2 additional amp hours. I then discharged the cell at 20 amps to 2.5 volts then hold until the current drops to C/5 then terminate. That resulted in a total of 13.99 amp hours removed from the cell. Disappointing that the cell only held 14 amp hours. From a cell that was touted as a 20 amp hour cell. Anyway I then connected up the MegaPac to the cell and did another Fast Charge but this time stopped at 3.65 volts. I was able to put in just under 10 amp hours. Below are the graphs of the charge/discharge on the Power Lab 8 and the last two are the Graphs during the Fast Discharge. I did get more video but because it takes so damn long to process I decided that the Graphs are good enough. No real need to watch paint dry again.

The MegaPac is once again set at 5 volts and a solid 45 amp output from the module. 

These graphs are from the charge/discharge using the Powerlab 8. Such a wonderful tool. 

These two are from the latest FAST CHARGE at 45 amps

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