Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Video Progress

Well, I ran into an issue with the new Final Cut Pro X and could not for the life of me figure it out. Well it happens that there is a program out for the mac called MacKeeper which is a program to keep your mac safe. Well, it is actually a problem program and has caused many problems since its inception and continues today to cause problems. The program is more like a virus and does not keep your mac safe. I did a full clean install of OSX and Final Cut Pro X and I am now back in the game. So if you have a Mac and you have MacKeeper you WILL have troubles. There is no doubt. If you see the program DO NOT down load the program. If you do you might consider doing a clean install and ditching the program. Just dumping the program is not good enough. A clean install is the only way.

I am glad I did this as I also decided to update my laptop with a 512Gig SSD drive. I love the new silent drive. Kinda like my car. I like. No more hard drive whine. It just works. So my laptop is all solid state with the only moving parts are the keys and screen hinge. That's all. Well I do still have my dvd drive but there is a product out that will allow you to install another hard drive in your computer and allow you to take that dvd drive out and make it an external drive for the very few times you may find you need it. I have not used my drive for a very long time. Some new macs don't even have them. I am ditching it and going to install another 512 gig SSD drive. That will give me plenty of storage and plenty of quick access and no worry about the drive crapping out.

Pete :)

My A123 Fast Charge video will be up soon.

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