Sunday, November 4, 2012

Still Hunting

Still hunting for another Ghia. Damn, I really love these little cars. My very first reaction back in High School to a VW Ghia was Yuck, what an ugly car. It was actually a piece of crap. Then I remember seeing my first Notch Back. I had to stop and go have a close look at what that cool looking car was. I was surprised to find out it was a VW. Never before had I seen one . The Type III is the best handling of the early VW's in stock form. I really liked my 67 Fastback. Had plenty of Busses over the years and really like the 13 Window Deluxe. Plenty of room and lots of visibility. The Panel Bus really requires good dual side mirrors to see around the vehicle. While in the service I had a 62 Mini Cooper, 70 Nova and a 72 VW Ghia with Factory Air. Damn if it was not the best air conditioner I have every used in ANY car I have owned since. I am looking at a 66 Red Ghia right now and it is a daily rust free driver. Price is right and should provide a good daily driver as an electric. Since I have all the components I can do the change rather quickly. Not like the 62 Roadster that is requiring much in replacement parts to make it road worthy once again. Thankfully it is almost ready for the motor to be installed. The other Ghia I was looking to get is just a bit out of my desired price range for what it is. It looks good but this one is just as good looking. I like red and my First Ghia was the 72 which was Red as well. My favorite color is Yellow and Sage Green. My Bus will be Sage Green when we finish that project.

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