Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rained Walnuts

It rained Walnuts in California today. Or at least in our neck of the woods. The tree shaker came today and shook our trees as well as our neighbors around us. We got them all picked up except two trees worth before we ran out of sunlight. We have Chandler Walnuts and they are the best available. A good day indeed.

I also listened to EVTV today and was waiting for that 3C charge test. A top notch stellar job indeed. This is a HUGE deal. Even better than being able to DO fast charging. The ability of these cells to handle a 95% fast charge in 19 minutes and without overheating. Thinking about my knowledge in xray I was pondering while watching the show. He stated he let the cells sit and then did one more charge but at 30 amps instead of 120 amps and they got a tremendous rise in temp. My knowledge leads me to believe that he could have let the cell charge that extra 2 1/2 ah into the cell without going over like 3.8 volts and without raising the temp my much extra. Because the ions have more energy they can burrow into the cell much easier to find those harder to find spaces. But if you did like he did with only 30 amps it would be a struggle to fill those extra spaces deep within the cell but under higher energy levels the ions would just find a nice cozy place to rest with no further damage or excess heating of the cell. There will be a point that even at high levels of energy you will fill the cell beyond its capacity and begin to overheat the cell. But in our usage I am quite sure if you limit your voltage to something like 3.7 or 3.8 volts you could nearly fast charge to 100% capacity in short order without compromising the cell from excess ions or heat. Go slow and you are limited in the amount of ions you can stuff in.

I will try a higher voltage cutoff and check AH in and temps. I will use my A123 cells for testing. I will monitor the temp closely as well as AH in.

Pete :)

The PowerLab 8 is a wonderful tool.

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