Thursday, October 18, 2012

Issue resolved

I got the word today from EMPI that my rotor was too far away from the backing plate. But my axle nut was tightened fully. What gives. No way could it be too far away. No way in hell. Thats what I am thinking. Every thing is right. I know it. Well, not quite so fast. I have Type III Long axles and the Drums and Rotors supplied are usually for short axles. It happens that my rotor is for a short spline axle and what happened was my axle nut bottomed out on the axle and tightened up as though it was fully seated. Since the rotor fits tightly there was no wobble and the caliper did after all fit but not as it should have fit. The guy (Bud) at Empi said I should need no more than one small spacer washer if at all. That was the clue. I removed the axle nut and could see it was butted up against the axle and could move no more. The rotor however had plenty more it could move. I found a temporary spacer that would allow me to tighten the rotor further until it truly was seated and ready. Once I got it seated I only needed one skinny washer and I used the hardened washer I purchased yesterday and was still able to use the extra length grade 10.9 bolt. I feel better being able to use that vs the short one supplied. My extra length one is still usable with zero binding and nothing in the way. The parking cable now fits and the caliper can now move as a floating caliper. It was something I could not SEE. I was glad the extra eyes and experience from Bud at EMPI was there for me when need. Kudos to him.

This axle nut is the best quality one you can buy and has a built in washer. The spacer goes behind this like an oversized washer. It too is hardened. Remember that these suckers are cranked down to 250 lbft of torque.

Pete :)

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