Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Empi Rear Disc Brake

I have been working on installing our NEW Empi Wide 5 Rear Disc Brake kit with Parking Brake. All went well except when I put on the backing plates backwards. Oooops. I then got it all straightened out and installed correctly but still all is not well. The cable for the parking brake does not fit where it is supposed to fit and the part that the cable fits into also butts up against the backing plate pretty much negating the floating caliper. There is like maybe 1/32 of an inch and that is not much of a floating caliper. I tried many ways to find the problem but I have the caliper properly centered on the rotor and the shoes properly installed and there is actually no binding of the brakes but the parking brake mount is touching the backing plate or nearly so and the parking brake cable cover will not fit as the mounting bolt is in the way. Ouch. I talked to EMPI directly today and we were having a hard time communicating the issue and I told him I took a bunch of photos and video of the issue. The video is still uploading but below are the photos I took and will send to the guy at EMPI and see if he can see if any thing is wrong. I have done things every which way but working properly. This is an issue on both sides and not just on one side. Funny there is no mention of an issue like this on the WEB anywhere so it leads me to believe something IS wrong but yet UNSEEN. Here are the photos and if you happen to SEE please pass the information along.

Thanks a bunch

Pete :)

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